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The Herald-Tribune newspaper commissioned an independent company to conduct employee surveys and company evaluations. Best Companies Group, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, manages 60 Best programs, primarily financed by sales of their surveys to the employers interested in the findings.

Peter Burke, president of Best Companies, also paid tribute to the firms. “You guys are amazing and all the praise and accolades you receive today are well deserved.”

He cited two statistics that showcased the differences in job satisfaction: nationally, only 42 percent of employees applaud their employers’ level of engagement compared with 94 percent of the workers from the companies on the Best Places to Work list.

Employees of the 25 companies that made the Herald-Tribune list are happier in their jobs than most workers and feel like they are treated well and compensated fairly. The competition by the 38 companies that registered to be evaluated think it is important that they be good places to work, value their employees and see the benefits of their involvement in the business.